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Some say I should write a book…

There are times I am sitting with a friend and we begin to talk about family life and why we are dealing with so much drama. We begin to share stories about what our lives were like growing up. When I start to tell my stories people’s eyes grow wide with disbelief. It would always end with “wow, you should write a book”. I should write a book, huh? I always ask. If I write a book people’s lives would change. A big slap in the face would be delivered to some, but most of all it would hurt to have it remain a permanent, written record of my pain. However, just saying out loud what I have endured somehow brings healing with each word. So, here is my attempt to get it out to those who can relate and begin the healing with me. I just want you all to know that “it hurts when I do this…”, so please be patient and forgiving as I explain the pain.


2 thoughts on “Some say I should write a book…

  1. I agree! The reason we go thru hurts to to make us grow….. to make us stronger & to teacher other thru our struggles how to make it thru!

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